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Custom Contract Training

Work with us!

Work with us, and we will work with you!  The Hazardous Materials Training Program provides contractual training programs at our site or yours to meet the needs of groups and companies.  This option allows you to bring University of Minnesota instructors and resources to your workplace to best prepare you and your employees for the work or incidents you face.  Our staff and instructors join forces with your safety manager or training coordinator to create a custom-designed course that addresses:

  • Compliance issues specific to your company
  • Physical and chemical hazards your team might encounter
  • Hazardous materials response coordination with your local municipality

We work with you to develop trainings and courses in:

Emergency Preparedness

  • 8-hour Hospital Decontamination
  • 16-hour Homeland Security
  • 4-hour Evacuation Coordination: Train the Trainer
  • 16-hour Incident Command System
  • 4-hour Incident Management Systems Awareness


Emergency Response

  • 8-hour Emergency Response Refresher
  • 8-hour Industrial Emergency Response Refresher
  • 8-hour Industrial First on the Scene
  • 4-hour Personal Protection Equipment
  • 24/40-hour Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training


Site Worker

  • 8-hour Site Worker Refresher
  • 24/40-hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Training
  • 16-hour Mold Remediation
  • 24-hour Meth Lab Cleanup
  • 4-hour Personal Protection Equipment
  • 24-hour Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal
  • 8-hour Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Refresher


Community Courses

  • 4-hour PBTs: Toxic Hazards in Your Community
  • 4-hour Reporting Environmental Releases
  • 3-hour Hazardous Materials Overview Course

Contact Lois Harrison at 612-624-6023 or for more information.

Note: Medical clearance is required to attend the 40HR Hazwoper, 40HR Technician, and 8HR Emergency Response Refresher.

Early Bird Pricing

Pay in advance on/before training date and receive a discounted fee for your company.
Note: Payment after 30 business days following course delivery will be charged a late fee.