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Frequently Asked Questions

My boss wants me to take a hazwoper course. Which one should I attend?

This depends upon your work. For information or assistance, please contact Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 or Lois Harrison at 612-624-6023.

How often do I have to take “refresher courses?

OSHA CFR 1910.120 requires annual refreshers.

I’ve missed a couple of the refreshers over the last couple of years. Can I sign up for the course next month?

Please contact Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 for assistance with this question.

Where else can I take hazardous materials training other than the University of Minnesota?

The NIEHS website: lists a variety of courses throughout the Midwest.

What happens if I have to leave during the course?

Please contact the course coordinators or course instructor at the course.

I want to bring a check to the class. Can I?

No, we cannot accept checks at the class. If you wish to pay by check, please contact:

Dan Wozney
University of Minnesota Tickets and Events

What do you include with your course fee?

All course materials, books, course certificate, snacks and beverages, continuing education units are provided. You do not have to bring any materials with you. You are responsible for your lunch.

What happens if the course is cancelled? Do I get my money back?

Students will be notified if the course is cancelled. We will refund your fee or transfer you to the next course offering if requested. Course coordinators provide as much advance notice as possible.

Do you give registration scholarships?

Assistance is provided in particular circumstances. Please contact Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 or Lois Harrison at 612-624-6023 for more information.

Who is teaching the course?

A variety of community instructors teach our courses. All instructors are well qualified and experienced in their content and delivery. Visit the About Us page for more information about our instructors.

Who “certifies” the course?

All courses meet the OSHA 1910.120 standard for hazardous materials response and Remediation University of Minnesota is a licensed continuing education provider for hazardous materials training.

Do you give POST credit (Peace Officer Standard and Training)?


I lost my certificate for last year’s course. Can you send me another one?

Please contact Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 for more information on receiving a duplicate certificate.

Can you send me a record of my training?

Please contact either the University of Minnesota Tickets and Events registration office at 612-624-2345 or course coordinator Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 for training record information.

What courses require the medical form? Do I really need this to sign up?

The 40 hour waste site worker course, the 40 hour emergency response course, and the 24 hour emergency response course require medical clearance as part of the course. The medical forms must be completed by the first day of the course. The forms can be downloaded from both the and registration websites. The forms should be faxed to 612-624-6866.

Where do I go for a medical evaluation?

Your company health representative or supervisor should handle this. If you cannot locate this information, please contact Jennifer Selzler at 612-626-2596 or Lois Harrison at 612-624-6023.

Where do I fax the medical forms?

612-624-6866, attention Jennifer Selzler

If I don’t get the medical form completed/don’t want to complete these, can I still attend?

For safety and liability reasons you will not be allowed to attend.

Will you take medical forms from our company instead? I just had a physical last year.

The University of Minnesota assumes liability for all students attending our courses; therefore our medical forms must be completed and used. We do not want any other medical information other than the information requested on University forms.

Where do I park?

Please review the parking document on, or your course confirmation, which includes parking information. Please allow extra time to arrive on the University of Minnesota campus.